Genome RNAi

GenomeRNAi  is a database containing phenotypes from RNA interference (RNAi) screens in Drosophila and Homo sapiens. In addition, the database provides an updated resource of RNAi reagents and their predicted quality.


NeuroMorpho.Org is a centrally curated inventory of digitally reconstructed neurons associated with peer-reviewed publications. It contains contributions from over 100 laboratories worldwide and is continuously updated as new morphological reconstructions are collected, published, and shared.


Addgene is a non-profit company that makes the share of plasmids easier by making a plasmid database and linking them to the papers where they were described. In this way they take on the job of maintaining plasmids and shipping them to requesting scientists.

Allen Brain Map

The Brain Map is one of the initiatives of the Allen Institute. It is a data portal that encompasses different projects: the Allen Institute has created a set of large-scale programs to understand the fundamentals of the cortex.

Data repositories

In here are some examples of tools that can be used to share/store data collected. Published a paper and think that people would benefit from looking at the raw data? Want to make that data that has been stored for years useful?


NeuroElectro wants to extract information about neuron types, morphology, electrophysiology properties from papers, using text mining algorithms and gathers them in a database. Our goal is to facilitate the discovery of neuron-to-neuron relationships and better understand the role of functional diversity across neuron types.

Open science framework

From the Open science framework webpage: The Open Science Framework (OSF) is part network of research materials, part version control system, and part collaboration software. The purpose of the software is to support the scientist’s workflow and help increase the alignment between scientific values and scientific practices.

The Visible Human project

The Visible Human Project is a database of anatomical images (MR, CT and radiography) from male and female bodies. Information about the database is translated into a couple of different languages.