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AAV are versatile tools used by neuroscientists for expression and manipulation of neurons. Many scientists have benefited from the high-quality, ready-to-use AAV prep service from Addgene, a nonprofit plasmid repository. However, it can be challenging to determine which AAV tool and techniques are best to use for an experiment. Scientists also may have questions about how much virus to inject or which serotype or promoter should be used to target the desired neuron or brain region. To help scientists answer these questions, Addgene launched an open platform called the AAV Data Hub ( which allows researchers to easily share practical experimental details with the scientific community (AAV used, in vivo model used, injection site, injection volumes, etc.). The goal of this platform is to help scientists find the best AAV tool for their experiments by reviewing combined data from a broad range of research labs. The AAV Data Hub launched in late 2019 and over 100 experiments have since been contributed to this project. The dataset includes details and images from experiments conducted in six different species and several different expression sites.

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