An open-source experimental framework for automation of high-throughput cell biology experiments

Modern Biology methods require a large number of high quality experiments to be conducted, which requires a high degree of automation. Our solution is an open-source hardware that allows for automatic high-throughput generation of large amounts of cell biology data. The hardware consists of an automatic XY-stage for moving a multiwell plate containing growing cells; a perfusion manifold allowing application of up to 8 different solutions; and a small epifluorescent microscope. It is extremely cheap (approximately £400 without and £2500 with a fluorescent microscope) and is easily customizable for individual experimental needs. We demonstrate the usability of this platform with high-throughput Ca2+ imaging and large-scale labelling experiments. All building instructions, software and PCB Gerber file are provided.

World Wide Series Seminar

Project Author(s)

Pavel Katunin; Anton Nikolaev

Project Video

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