Attys is an wearable data acquisition device with a special focus on biomedical signals such as heart activity (ECG), muscle activity (EMG) and brain activity (EEG). It’s open firmware, open API and has open source applications on github in C++ and JAVA to encourage people to create their own custom versions for mobile devices, tablets and PC.

The story of the Attys started when Dr. Bernd Porr filmed numerous youTube clips to educate the public about the possibilities and limits of biosignal measurement ( which are featured here: BPM link

The site has been very popular ever since and visitors have been asking if a ready made bio-amp could be made available. This year Dr. Porr then decided to make one. This was the birth of the Attys.

Attys is also a general educational tool to measure any physical quantity such as temperature, pressure or light intensity. It works with Google’s open source Science Journal and turns every Android phone or tablet into an electronic lab book / oscilloscope. Of course one can measure biosignals with it, too.

Vasso Georgiadou has been the main presenter for our biosignal channel. Here, she shows off the Attys:

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