Bellow is a list of interesting projects related to science and research, that we didn’t have time to curate yet. Feel free to browse through them and make comments and suggestions! Low cost eye tracking scientific plotting package cellphone into microscope spectrometer gene expression omnibus database Broccoli software for fast fMRI analyses smartphone brain scanner  open source by ibrahim malick big data example on how to use arduino for visual neuroscience  the same idea from seth but generalized the same idea from boinc (above) but sharing cognition neurophysiology and data analysis systems version control system for projects neuroscience 1000 channels array the page dedicated to willow pivision ophtamology exams with smartphones distributed computing open source hardware company  3d print plastic and electronics together  electronic lab notebook biological data visualization tool portal that gathers information on open access open hardware repository an umbrella t open scholarly data to a multitude of stakeholders open source haptics device Pneuflex actuators Openspin microscope openspin microscope signal generator arduino based gagdet with lots of sensors plots and data online small portable devices for health related tests/exams and etc social interaction online platform for science project management changing the way scientific contributions are measured/displayed system for light stimulation and data recording for optogenetics  brain imaging software suite   Open science projects for neurosciences open source syringe pump another open source pump tekla labs open lectures and their impact image processing library open source hardware association page peerage of science general IO boards for linux post review of papers Open source for products

[ spinnaker. millisecond]( spinnaker. millisecond) range modelling do it yourself spectrophotometer automated head fixed prep for rats map reduce, scalable data analysis for ephys the changing face of journal metrics fly brain altering device open source notebook for over 40 programming languages closed loop recording and stimulation ephys several open source software suites/libraries a fresh way to do statistics allen institute page with data, tools and maps

The next wave in software is open adoption software®ister=google  open source electron microscope Open notebooks on ephys make a laser scanning microscope DIY thermal camera neuroscience information framework DIY sonic tractor beam DIY spectrometer lab on a drone page hosting hardware projects related to oceanography google app for data collection using mobile phone sensors smithsonian museum repository of scanned objects nasa models for 3d p nting Data analysis and visualization hacked medical device mouse vocalization database blog on tinkering with science tool examples

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