GuPPy, a Python toolbox for the analysis of fiber photometry data

Fiber photometry (FP) is an adaptable method for recording in vivo neural activity in freely behaving animals. It has become a popular tool in neuroscience due to its ease of use, low cost, the ability to combine FP with freely moving behavior, among other advantages. However, analysis of FP data can be a challenge for new users, especially those with a limited programming background. Here, we present Guided Photometry Analysis in Python (GuPPy), a free and open-source FP analysis tool. GuPPy is provided as a Jupyter notebook, a well-commented interactive development environment (IDE) designed to operate across platforms. GuPPy presents the user with a set of graphic user interfaces (GUIs) to load data and provide input parameters. Graphs produced by GuPPy can be exported into various image formats for integration into scientific figures. As an open-source tool, GuPPy can be modified by users with knowledge of Python to fit their specific needs.

Project Author(s)

Venus N. Sherathiya; Michael D. Schaid; Jillian L. Seiler; Gabriela C. Lopez; Talia N. Lerner1

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