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The INCF portal is the guide to the INCF activities and its community resources.

INCF advances data reuse and reproducibility in brain research by coordinating the development of Open, FAIR, and Citable tools and resources for neuroscience

The global INCF network

  • supports the development of neuroinformatics as a discipline
  • moves neuroscience towards FORCE (a FAIR, Open, Research-object based, Citable Ecosystem)
  • provides coordination of global neuroscience infrastructure through the development and endorsement of consensus-based standards and best practices
  • trains scientists, administrators, and students in using neuroinformatics tools and methods

INCF provides materials, expertise, training, and standards and best practices for: 1) scientists seeking to improve their science through neuroinformatics, 2) infrastructure providers so they can do their jobs better and participate in the global network, and 3) those seeking to add their tools, services, and expertise to the INCF network.

INCF currently has Governing and Associate Nodes spanning 4 continents, with an extended network comprising organizations, individual researchers, industry, and publishers. The INCF Secretariat supports the Nodes with outreach, project management, and administration of community-driven projects.

You can join the INCF network:

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