MINI2P is an open-source miniature 2-photon microscope brain explorer for fast high-resolution calcium imaging in freely-moving mice.

In brief Development of a miniature 2-photon miniscope for large-scale calcium imaging in freely moving mice allows stable simultaneous recording of more than a thousand cells across multiple planes of densely active cortical regions in a wide spectrum of behavioral tasks without impediment of the animal’s behavior.


  • We made a light-weight 2-photon miniscope for calcium imaging in freely moving mice

  • Stable high-quality imaging was observed during a wide spectrum of behaviours

  • Activity can be monitored in volumes of over 1,000 visual or entorhinal-cortex cells

  • A custom-designed z-scanning module allows fast imaging across multiple planes

Project Author(s)

Weijian Zong; May-Britt Moser; Edvard Moser;

Project Video

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