morphologica is a header-only C++ library which provides simulation support facilities for simulations of dynamical systems.

It helps with:

  • Configuration: morphologica allows you to easily set up a simulation parameter configuration system, using the JSON reading and writing abilities of morph::Config.

  • Saving data from your simulation. morphologica provides a set of easy-to-use convenience wrappers (morph::HdfData) around the HDF5 C API. By saving data in a standard format, it is easy to access simulation data in python, MATLAB or Octave for analysis and graphing.

  • Visualizing your model while it runs. A modern OpenGL visualization scheme called morph::Visual provides the ability to visualise hex & Cartesian grids, surfaces, scatter plots and quiver plots with minimal processing overhead.

Project Author(s)

Seb James; Stuart Wilson

Project Video

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