Easy whole-brain modeling for computational neuroscientists 👩🏿‍🔬💻🧠

In its essence, neurolib is a computational framework for simulating coupled neural mass models written in Python. It helps you to easily load structural brain scan data to construct brain networks where each node is a neural mass representing a single brain area. This network model can be used to simulate whole-brain dynamics.

neurolib provides a simulation and optimization framework which allows you to easily implement your own neural mass model, simulate fMRI BOLD activity, analyse the results and fit your model to empirical data.

With neurolib, our goal is to create a hackable framework for coders and focus on the simulation and optimization machinery. In this sense, neurolib is primarily a modern research tool and our main goal is to provide an accessible research framework. However, it is built with people in mind who are new to the field and just want to get going. We have made it as easy as possible to setup a simulation or to implement your own model and run your experiments.

Project Author(s)

Caglar Cakan; Nikola Jajcay

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