Pi USB Cam - An Affordable, Simple, Powerful, & Versatle DIY Video Recording Solution for Behavioral Neuroscientists

Video capture is increasingly necessary for neuroscience research where neural and behavioral data are synchronized to reveal correlative and causal relationships. This relies on a recording system that can capture quality videos without significant alterations to preexisting experimental conditions (e.g., lighting, space, etc.), enables easy online and offline analysis by commonly used software, and offers high scalability to increase throughput. However, the high cost and poor flexibility of commercially available options leave the role of an ideal video recording system unfulfilled. Here, we present Pi USB Cam, a DIY video recording solution that satisfies almost any recording need. This system combines affordable electronics hardware and custom 3D-printed components with sophisticated open-source software to offer a simple solution for high-quality and high-throughput video capture for neuroscience research.

Project Author(s)

Shikun Hou; Elizabeth J. Glover


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