PocketPCR-Pocket size USB powered PCR Thermo Cycler

The PocketPCR is a so called thermocycler used to activate biological reactions. To do so the device raises and lowers the temperature of the liquid in the small tubes. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) is a method widely used in molecular biology to make copies of a specific DNA segment. Applications of the technique include DNA cloning for sequencing, analysis of genetic fingerprints, amplification of ancient DNA and gene cloning.

Simpler, smaller and more affordable. This ultra portable and compact thermocycler was designed with the goal to bring the cost down to affordable price for anyone who wants to do some Do-It-Your-Self biology with a DNA starter kit in his kitchen. The PocketPCR can be run from a simple USB power adapter. The device can be operated stand alone and all parameters can be set without the need of a computer or smartphone.

Project Author(s)

Urs Gaudenz; Yanwu Guo


Project Video


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