TGAC Browser

The TGAC Browser is a Genomic Browser with novel rendering and annotation capabilities designed to overcome some shortcomings in available approaches. It was developed to visualize genome annotations from Ensembl Database Schema.

The TGAC Browser provides the following features:

Responsiveness: Client-side rendering and caching, based on JSON fragments generated by server logic, helps decrease the server load and improves user experience.

User-friendly browser Interaction: Live data searching, track modification, and drag and drop selection; actions that are seamlessly powered by modern web browsers.

Analysis Integration: The ability to carry out heavyweight analysis tasks, using tools such as BLAST, via a dedicated extensible daemon service.

User Annotation: Users can edit annotations which can be persisted on the server, reloaded, and shared at a later date.

Off-the-shelf Installation: The only prerequisites are a web application container, such as Jetty or Tomcat, and a standard Ensembl database to host sequence features.

Project Author(s)

Anil S. Thanki; Xingdong Bian; Robert P. Davey

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