World Wide Series Seminar OpenFlexure is a 3D printed flexure translation stage, developed by a group at the Bath University. The stage is capable of sub-micron-scale motion, with very small drift over time.

10$ smartphone microscope

This neat little project uses some plexi-glass, lens extracted from a laser pointer to harvest the power of smartphone cameras for some very big amplifications! Yoshinok manged to see cell plasmolysis and some other cool features with it.


Open stage is a low-cost motorised microscope stage capable of movement in the micrometer range. It features manual control via a control-pad, different movement velocities and pc communication through the serial port.

Stereo microscope

Although stereo microscopes are an essential piece of hardware in biology labs, sometimes we wish they had more features, like the possibility to record the magnified images with a camera, or have a better lighting system to enhance contrast on those small samples.